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Official launch of 8th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards
Posted on : 06 Jan 2019  Source of News: Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth & Sports Sarawak (MTACYS)

KUCHING - The launching of the 8th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards (SHTA) was performed by Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports (MTACYS), YB Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah on 3rd January.

In his speech, the Minister said the organising of the awards is most relevant to the Visit Sarawak Campaign 2019 (VSC) in order to further establish Sarawak on the world’s tourism map.

According to him, the awards is also aimed to motivate the those involved in the local tourism industry.

“This is the eighth time that we are organising this bi-annual event and I am pleased to announce that this year’s theme is ‘On Fire for Sarawak’ he said.

“We have chosen the theme to reflect the significance of having a strong, burning passion for the Sarawak tourism industry in order for us to advance in a dynamic and competitive manner so as to be on par with our peers, YB Datuk Karim added.

“With this fiery passion, the industry attains the creative drive to push forward, ensuring that the industry players are able to keep up with the trends of the touristic interests that are constantly evolving,” he said.

“In many countries, the tourism dollar is proven to be a money-spinner for the local folk – this is where the livelihood of the people can be alleviated. In this respect, the hosting of the VSC 2019 is imperative because it’s about time we step up our game in order to achieve something better,' he enthused.

Entries are open until the end of March with the entry forms can be downloaded via

Aslo present during the function were namely Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) chairman YB Datuk Abdul Wahab Aziz and Permanent Secretary to MTACYS, Mr Hii Chang Kee and Sarawak Tourism Federation (STF) Audry Wan Ullok.